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 Tab-specific Refresh in WebFXTabbedPane, Roger Zacharias, August 29, 2003
     Re:Tab-specific Refresh in WebFXTabbedPane, Erik Arvidsson, August 31, 2003
         Re:Tab-specific Refresh in WebFXTabbedPane, Roger Zacharias, September 1, 2003

Subject: Re:Tab-specific Refresh in WebFXTabbedPane From: Erik Arvidsson Date: August 31, 2003
Change the innerHTML (or DOM nodes). You can load the external content either using the XmlHtto (see XML Extras) or use a hidden iframe (the XmlHttp is easier to use).

Another alternative is to have an iframe inside the tab page.



we want to solve the following problem: The content of our Tabs is dynamic, therefore we want to refresh the information every xxx seconds. Until now it is possible to refresh the whole frame, but we want to refresh only the content of a single Tab. Is this possible?
Roger Zacharias, Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH


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