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 Bug in xLoadtree, Sascha Hofmann, February 13, 2002
     Re:Bug in xLoadtree, Erik Arvidsson, February 13, 2002

Subject: Bug in xLoadtree From: Sascha Hofmann Date: February 13, 2002



When removing the last "WebFXTreeItem" from a "WebFXTree" a javascript error occurs. The plus- and minus-icons thar are set on removal are only available for the "WebFXTreeItems" and not for a "WebFXTree".

I've channged the code to allow manipulation of plus- and minus-icons only if the parentNode has a parentNode. In other words if it is not the root.


WebFXTreeItem.prototype.remove = function() {


  if ( this.parentNode.parentNode )
  { iconSrc = document.getElementById(prevSibling.id + '-plus').src;
   iconSrc = iconSrc.replace('minus', '').replace('plus', '');
   document.getElementById(prevSibling.id + '-plus').src = iconSrc;





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