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 DHTML menu 4 and IFRAMES, dreadcast, August 26, 2003
     Re:DHTML menu 4 and IFRAMES, Erik Arvidsson, August 28, 2003

Subject: DHTML menu 4 and IFRAMES From: dreadcast Date: August 26, 2003

Hello there,

I am building a rich text editor for a CMS and I want to use the DHTML (context) menu within the IFRAME so I added the following line to the richedit.js :

  d.attachEvent( "oncontextmenu", showContextMenu );

but IE returns an error "Objet requis", wich means in english, I guess, "Object requiered" and the menu doesn't appear of course :(

Even if I put all the .js files in the richedit.js...

anyone have an idea ?

thanks for helping.


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