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 http://www.slower.net/, Eliot, February 13, 2004
     Re:http://www.slower.net/, Erik Arvidsson, February 18, 2004
     Whoops, Eliot, February 13, 2004

Subject: http://www.slower.net/ From: Eliot Date: February 13, 2004
Asking only because you are incredible DHTML studs... Do you know of a cross-browser way to force an iframe to display a certain URL?

I have experimented with two iframes, one of which gets a target URL on a setInterval, and if it's new, moves the other iframe's .src to the new URL. This works on Win IE and Firefox, but fails on Mac IE and Safari.

This is for a legitimate business app (a vendor client wants to be able to give remote people a "tour" of the catalog on his website), not some sort of spam/hack crap.

Thanks for the time.



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