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 VBScript problem, azlon, August 24, 2003
     Re:VBScript problem, Erik Arvidsson, August 24, 2003

Subject: Re:VBScript problem From: Erik Arvidsson Date: August 24, 2003
getElementById returns the FrameElement and not the window. You should use window.parent.frames["mainFrame"]openLocation



i am doing some vbscript stuff and i have a problem that can easilly be fixed. i have a frameset. when i click a button in leftFrame, i want it to trigger openLocation 'blah.asp' in mainFrame. now i know that in JScript it is parent.getElementById('mainFrame').openLocation('blah.asp'); well that doesnt work in vb, so i assumed it would be window.opener.mainFrame.openLocation 'blah.asp'. anybody have a solution to this? please help me!
- azlon


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