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 <!--#include file=""-->, Evelien, August 23, 2003
     Re:<!--#include file=, Erik Arvidsson, August 24, 2003

Subject: Re:<!--#include file= From: Erik Arvidsson Date: August 24, 2003
This is called server side includes. Search for it at google and it should be able to tell you how to make your web server support these.



Hallo all, I am new to making webpages. I even don't understand most of the Q. that are asked, never mind the A. Hope you will help me out. I am trying to make pages that have the same 2 pictures on top of each page. I like to change the pics from time to time. I understand you can put in the Body of the pages: <!--#include file="filename"-->. In the file I thought I would just have to write the HTML for a table that holds the pics. This doesn't work and I can't find documentation that I understand.
Please help, Evelien


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