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 <!--#include file=""-->, Evelien, August 23, 2003
     Re:<!--#include file=, Erik Arvidsson, August 24, 2003

Subject: <!--#include file=""--> From: Evelien Date: August 23, 2003

Hallo all, I am new to making webpages. I even don't understand most of the Q. that are asked, never mind the A. Hope you will help me out. I am trying to make pages that have the same 2 pictures on top of each page. I like to change the pics from time to time. I understand you can put in the Body of the pages: <!--#include file="filename"-->. In the file I thought I would just have to write the HTML for a table that holds the pics. This doesn't work and I can't find documentation that I understand.

Please help, Evelien


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