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 Datepicker bug?, Steve O'Neal, August 17, 2003
     Re:Datepicker bug? , Jeffrey Jangli, August 17, 2003
     Re:Datepicker bug?, Steve O'Neal, August 17, 2003
         Re:Datepicker bug?, Erik Arvidsson, August 24, 2003

Subject: Re:Datepicker bug? From: Jeffrey Jangli Date: August 17, 2003


The bug also applies when you've selected March 31 and click on the previous month to jump to februari.|
The selected item then becomes March 3rd !

Clicking prev month again wille take you to Februari 3rd.

From: Steve O'Neal
Sent: August 17, 2003
Subject: Re:Datepicker bug?

When the current date is the 31 and you click on the next month. If that month does not have a 31st, it will jump to the next month.

For instance If the current date is March 31, 2003 if I click on the next month field it will jump to May 1, 2003.

Could this be a bug?  I have verified this on your demo page too.

The easy fix, I think would be to reset the day to 1.


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