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 Cross Browser Tree Widget 1.17 with check boxes. How to use ?, Viacheslav, August 16, 2003
     Re:Cross Browser Tree Widget 1.17 with check boxes. How to use ?, Emil A Eklund, August 16, 2003

Subject: Re:Cross Browser Tree Widget 1.17 with check boxes. How to use ? From: Emil A Eklund Date: August 16, 2003
Good day

The webfxcheckboxtreeitem.js script is supplied only to demonstrate how new functionality can be added by the means of subclassing. There's no documentation, at all, for this extansion and it's by no means compleate. I suggest you study the source file (webfxcheckboxtreeitem.js) to see the avalible methods.

If thats not an option I'm affraid you'll have to wait until either I or erik find the time to describe this in more detail. :(

Or if you're lucky there might be someone else out there with a few moments to spare that could help...


I used your DHTML component Cross Browser Tree Widget 1.17 for WebFX and enjoyed it.
But for implementation of my task it's necessary to view check box near each tree item so that user can choose some items from the tree. I found script webfxcheckboxtreeitem.js -- sub class that adds a check box in front of the tree item icon. But unlike Cross Browser Tree Widget I couldn't find description of this sub class functionality and samples that shows how to use it. I'd like to ask you to describe how to use webfxcheckboxtreeitem.js in my application (i. e. what methods and properties of tree object I can use to add check box in front of items and to change status of check box).For example, how can I choose all items from the tree which were checked in order to use this information in my php script? If you can please send me API of this component.
Sincerely yours, Viacheslav.


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