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 webfxtree, Mehmet Ates, August 14, 2003
     Re:webfxtree, Guilherme Blanco, August 14, 2003
         Re:webfxtree, Mehmet Ates, August 15, 2003
             Re:webfxtree, Mehmet Ates, August 15, 2003

Subject: webfxtree From: Mehmet Ates Date: August 14, 2003

Hi first of all thanks for all these gr8 scripts.

But i have some problems with them , for example (about webfxtree) i want to get complete path of a node, how can i get that?

i coded  this to get it but there must be a easier way to do it ! (for example to get /home/ates/l.txt ..)

// using prarentnode method it finds the location of the selected node

function dir_path(a) {
if(tree.getSelected()) {
        if(a==1) klasor = ""; // dosya yolla,klasor yarat  išin

        if(a==2) if(!tree.getSelected().childNodes[0]) klasor=tree.getSelected().text; // dosya sil išin

        if(a==3) {
                                if(!tree.getSelected().childNodes[0]) klasor=tree.getSelected().text;
                            else { ana_secilen.focus(); return false; }
        if(tree.getSelected().id != "webfx-tree-object-2")
                if(tree.getSelected().childNodes[0]) klasor=tree.getSelected().text;

                while (tree.getSelected().id != "webfx-tree-object-2") {
                        if(tree.getSelected().parentNode.text != "/") klasor = tree.getSelected().parentNode.text + "/" + klasor;
else ana_secilen=tree;
klasor = "/" + klasor ;
return klasor;


Second , i need that check box thing which i've seen in 1.17 but i couldnt use it.. you say that its not official but its really have to be official (i think).





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