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 Dynamically change text of a node, how?, Mukesh, August 7, 2003
     Re:Dynamically change text of a node, how?, Emil A Eklund, August 11, 2003

Subject: Re:Dynamically change text of a node, how? From: Emil A Eklund Date: August 11, 2003

Updating the text property of has no effect on nodes already rendered, either modify the property before the tree is drawn, if possible, or you'll have to modify the generated html as well. This has been discussed before and if you search the webboard (google is your friend) you should be able to find a solution.



I am trying to access 'text' property of the webFxTreeItem and I am unable
to get it. I am using JSP pages at the web server and inclusing xtree.js in one
one the JSP page. I am referencing all xtree objects from a database server side script that includes javascript.
Any clues will be helpful


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