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 FavMenusystem - Hide alt popup on mouse-over , Simon, January 17, 2002
     Re:FavMenusystem - Hide alt popup on mouse-over , Erik Arvidsson, January 19, 2002

Subject: Re:FavMenusystem - Hide alt popup on mouse-over From: Erik Arvidsson Date: January 19, 2002

The code for the favbar updates the title attribute when the mouse enters an item to show the href in a tooltip. To remove this feature you'll have to update the function handleOver shown below:

function handleOver() {
 var fromEl = getReal(window.event.fromElement, "tagName", "DIV");
 var toEl = getReal(window.event.toElement, "tagName", "DIV");
 if (fromEl == toEl) return;
 el = toEl;
 if ((el.className == "topFolder") || (el.className == "topItem")) overTopItem(el);
 if ((el.className == "subFolder") || (el.className == "subItem")) overSubItem(el);
 if ((el.className == "topItem") || (el.className == "subItem")) {
  if (el.href != null) {
   if (el.oldtitle == null) el.oldtitle = el.title;
   if (el.oldtitle != "")
    el.title = el.oldtitle + "\n" + el.href;
    el.title = el.oldtitle + el.href;

 if (el.className == "scrollButton") overscrollButton(el);


From: Simon
Sent: January 17, 2002
Subject: Re:FavMenusystem - Hide alt popup on mouse-over


Running the FavMenuSystem, I am really stuck trying to find a way of not making the alternative on mouse over text pop up on mouse over on the submenus - The object that the mouse is hanging over is the ... well, here's my code - I implemented the thing into an asp file:


   Do while not rsMenu.EOF
    strOut = ReplaceQuerystring(Request.Querystring

    <div class="subItem" href="hours.asp<% = strOut %>"  <% = PrintMouseOver(rsMenu("wbs") & vbcrlf & rsMenu("encontent")) %>>
    <img class="subicon" src="images/paricon.gif"><% = rsMenu("enDescription") %>


When onmouseover the <div class ... the link printed inside "hours.asp<% = strOut ... pops up. What would we do?

Kind Regards,


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