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 IE 6 Bug - WebFX Context Menu, Andre, January 16, 2002
     Re:IE 6 Bug - WebFX Context Menu, Matias, April 28, 2002
         Re:IE 6 Bug - WebFX Context Menu, Ed Schiebel, July 2, 2002

Subject: IE 6 Bug - WebFX Context Menu From: Andre Date: January 16, 2002

Hi all,

first of, like everyone else, I love this site. You guys kick a%$ !!!

One quick note...
I am using the context menu script from your site and it seems that there is a bug and I am not sure if it is IE6 or just in general. Anyway, the first time you right-click and activate the context menu it does not draw in full size but rather it seems to clip on the right and bottom by about 20 pixels. The second time and any time after this it works fine until you reload the page again.

Has anyone noticed this? Is there a fix out for this?
Thanks in advance,



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