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 xmenu: toObject() function, Arnaud, August 1, 2003
     Re:xmenu: toObject() function, Erik Arvidsson, August 5, 2003

Subject: Re:xmenu: toObject() function From: Erik Arvidsson Date: August 5, 2003
The inner loop is for creating the sub menus. The elements for these are not children but siblings. Therefore you should return a document fragment instead of an element.

var df = document.createDocumentFragment();
df.appendChild( menuElement );
loop over subs
df.appendChild( subElement)
return df;

And as a side note... Your usage of createElement is incorrect. The argument is the tagName and nothing else. This is a known bug/feature in IE5+



Hi Erik,
I want to had a toObject() function to get an object instead of a string.
WebFXMenuBar.prototype.toObject = function () {
var str = "<div id='" + this.id + "' class='webfx-menu-bar'></div>";
var obj = document.createElement(str);
str = "";
// loop through all menuButtons
for (var i = 0; i < this._menuItems.length; i++)
str += this._menuItems[i];
obj.innerHTML = str;
return obj;
But I missed a point: in your toString function there's a second loop,
for (var i = 0; i < this._subMenus.length; i++)
str += this._subMenus[i];

and I don't understand the meaning of the subMenus for the MenuBar object.
Could you please explain?


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