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 TabPane onLoad event , Seth, January 20, 2004
     Re:TabPane onLoad event , Erik Arvidsson, January 22, 2004
         Re:TabPane onLoad event , John Quarto, February 11, 2004
             Re:TabPane onLoad event , Greg Bays, March 16, 2004

Subject: Re:TabPane onLoad event From: John Quarto Date: February 11, 2004

I was looking into the switch/case statement that Erik pointed out and it occured to me:  since we have to identify each of the tab-pane objects on the page with an "id", then it seems redundant to have such a switch statement because it has to be modified each time the id values or number of tab-pane objects is changed.

Instead, is there a method along the lines of, say,


or something which loops through the tab-panes and sets the active one by its name rather than its index?

Or, even simpler, what about just a way to loop through all the id's and return the index of the id that matches the method argument such as


so that we can do:


and therefore not having to have a bunch of case statements at all?

How can we loop over all the tab-panes and get their IDs and their indices?

From: Erik Arvidsson
Sent: January 22, 2004
Subject: Re:TabPane onLoad event

Why don't you use setSelectedIndex instead?

See the main page for the tab pane article and notice how the links switches the selected tab.



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