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 Grid object - current row data?, Baz, August 4, 2003
     Re:Grid object - current row data?, Emil A Eklund, August 4, 2003
         Re:Grid object - current row data?, Baz, August 5, 2003
             Re:Grid object - current row data?, Baz, August 6, 2003

Subject: Re:Grid object - current row data? From: Emil A Eklund Date: August 4, 2003
getSelected returns a reference to the tr element.
To get the actual grid object, use the all collection, like this.


You could also use the internal undocumented _selectedRow property. grid._selectedRow.sid

Yes, I know. The grid is a mess.



Hi everyone, I'm currently struggling with the Grid object. I'm trying to build a tabbed interface, like this:
tab 1 | tab 2 | tab 3
| col1 | col2 | col3 |
| 1234 | data | data |
| 2341 | data | data |
| 6234 | data | data |
Each tab is a stacked <div>, the first of which (tab 1) contains an iframe in which the grid is embedded. Now, I want tabs 2 & 3 to dynamically load data related to the currently selected grid row. So, cut to the chase:
How do I get the data from the currently selected row? Let's say I've selected the 3rd row in my example table, and click 'Tab 2'. I want this to call a JS function, eg. loadTabTwoFor('6234'). However, I don't know how to retrieve, in this case, the data from the first column of the selected row. I got as far as oGrid.getSelected(), but that only seems to return "[object Object]", which is less than useful.
Sorry to ramble, did any of that make sense?
Thanks in advance...


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