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 Menu4.2 Open menus onmouseover, Murph, August 1, 2003

Subject: Menu4.2 Open menus onmouseover From: Murph Date: August 1, 2003

Hi Erik, just love working with menu4.2 menu system!! I am just so ammazed at all your hard work coding this puppy.  Been reading some past posts on being able to make menu button expand on mouseover instead of havig to click the the buttons.  I am working on a brand new site that uses vertical menu system and it would be just awesome to make it do this,  from what I can tell from reading posts it might be possible by tweaking some code.  I was wondering if you could share with me and others where to look at the code, sample code possibly, to enable this functionality? Any help or Direction would be greatly appreaciated.


Thank You,



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