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 Problem With DHTML and CSS in Mozilla, Al Val, July 27, 2003
     Re:Problem With DHTML and CSS in Mozilla, Erik Arvidsson, July 31, 2003

Subject: Re:Problem With DHTML and CSS in Mozilla From: Erik Arvidsson Date: July 31, 2003
Are you using the correct target? Are you traversing the DOM tree so that you are not getting a TextNode? Are you using relatedTarget to find the Node left.

Remember that in DOM the TextNodes also fires the mouse events.



I have created a dhtml menu that is made of a well formated list and the layout is made by a css file.
In IE6 it works great , did not test it in IE5.

The problem starts with Mozilla ( 1.4 ). The onmouseout event stuck somethimes and I can't get it to work as smoothly as in IE6.

Is there any way to port it the right way to Mozilla? I have been busted my head for several days now...

Preview dmemnu online, or Get the Source
Thnx for your help,
Regards Al.


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