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 select elements and z-index, adam, July 31, 2003
     Re:select elements and z-index , Ian Maffett, July 31, 2003
     Re:select elements and z-index, Erik Arvidsson, July 31, 2003

Subject: select elements and z-index From: adam Date: July 31, 2003


I'm trying to build menus which display correctly over windowed controls like select elements. Is there any other way to show them over the top except by hiding the select elements?

I tried showing them in a transparent iframe, but this doesnt appear over them, which surprised me. Popup windows do, but you cant set these to transparent. This is a problem if you want to have nested menus, becuase you can only use one at a time so if it is big enough to show more than one rectangle it obscures more of the page than you want.



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