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 Dynamic Target in Xtree?, Nick , July 24, 2003
     Re:Dynamic Target in Xtree?, Erik Arvidsson, July 26, 2003

Subject: Re:Dynamic Target in Xtree? From: Erik Arvidsson Date: July 26, 2003
The easiest way to do this is probably to use javascript: uris that call a function that does the window.open call.

JavaScript and Java are two totally unrelated programming languages.



Hey there, i have a problom.
I have my folder tree all set up, and lookin great. But now what i wanted to do was add in some images to specified links. I want the links to be brought up in a different window so it doesnt distract the viewer from the origonal screen. My issue is, i wanted to know if i could specify a size for the window that pops up. Example, if all my images were 300 x 300, and every time i would link something to an image, i wanted it to pop up a new window 300 x 300, would i be able to do this? I'm not familar enough with the core of the xtree to be able to modify anything without blowing it all to hell, but i do know normal Java on an intermediate basis. Are there many differences from Java to Javascript that you could perhaps point out what area i may be looking to need to tweak if it's not currently installed to allow this ability?
Much Appreciated,


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