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 JavaScript onkeydown form field navigation problem, please help, Alex Zyuzikov, July 26, 2003

Subject: JavaScript onkeydown form field navigation problem, please help From: Alex Zyuzikov Date: July 26, 2003

I have the following script used for navigating the form fields with arrow keys.


The script works fine in IE5+ and the navigation functionality works in Netscape 6+, however, when the focus is moved from one of the text fields to a dropdown list, or from a dropdown list to another dropdown, Netscape changes the selectedIndex of the dropdown. Is there any way to prevent that?

I think what it's doing is it thinks that the keypress was made after the focus has been changed. I fixed it in IE by using a "return false" after each focus change, however, Netscape doesn't look at that apparently... This is easy to see when you put the focus in the top right dropdown and then hit the down arrow key. Or if you select one of the middle text boxes and hit the right arrow key. Let me know if you come up with anything.

Also, is there a way to get this script to work in Safari, it returns a key code of 0 for all the arrow keys...

Thank you for any feedback, this is an urgent project I'm working on, so I would really appreciate your help.



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