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 XMenu Bug, Dennis Collins, December 8, 2001
     Re:XMenu Bug, Erik Arvidsson, December 10, 2001

Subject: Re:XMenu Bug From: Erik Arvidsson Date: December 10, 2001

That demo should be ignored. It does not work very well. I'm going to update the XMenu this week with auto positioning and a page decribing how to use the menus without a menubar.


From: Dennis Collins
Sent: December 8, 2001
Subject: Re:XMenu Bug

I downloaded/extracted your xmenu.zip.  I works great.

I like to take advantage of the on click functionality as in your example, demo.simple.html, however, the URL links from the popup menu items don't appear to be loading the targeted URL.  It only hides the popup window again.  Any ideas?



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