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 ContextMenu Problem, John Everitt, July 25, 2003

Subject: ContextMenu Problem From: John Everitt Date: July 25, 2003

I'm using the context menu and have 7 entries seprated by 4 seperators. First time I view the menu on a page, the menu is shown what appears to be cut off around the 6th entry. When the context menu is viewed again from this page (without refresh), it's displayed correctly.

I have removed the

WebFX_PopUpcss.onfocus = function(){WebFX_PopUpcss.style.display="inline"};

line as detailed in the ContextMenu bug message raised by gerard in the Bugs! section of the message board.

I did a little debugging and found that the value for body.scrollWidth in ContextMenu.fixSize is returned as 133 first time through and 156 for all subsequent calls (until a refesh page, of course) causing the menu to be shown too short.

I'm using IE6 on Win2K.

Any ideas on how I can fix this ?


John Everitt

P.S. I have checked to see if this problem has been raised before but couldn't find anything after browsing the message board. It did raise the question whether it was possible to get a search facility for the message board ? It would be very helpful ...


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