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 ProgressBar component, Horváth Balázs, July 17, 2003
     Re:ProgressBar component, Erik Arvidsson, July 18, 2003
         Re:ProgressBar component, Horváth Balázs, July 18, 2003

Subject: Re:ProgressBar component From: Erik Arvidsson Date: July 18, 2003
Are you using window.setTimeout or window.setInterval (you need to use at least one of them)? Maeby reading the animator toolkit article can help you if you've never done any animation with DOM before.



Hi All!
I have a problem in IE. I'd like to do an empty message in javascript, but can't call API. I did a progressbar component. When start the for (); cycle, the progressbar shows 0%. At the end of thw cycle shows 100%. Between percentages doesn't show the actually progress value. If somebody knows a solution, please help me!
Regards, Balu


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