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 Custom string sort (non-english alphabet) for sortable table, Romano, July 6, 2005
     Re:Custom string sort (non-english alphabet) for sortable table, Erik Arvidsson, July 16, 2005

Subject: Custom string sort (non-english alphabet) for sortable table From: Romano Date: July 6, 2005

I'm from Slovenia and Slovenian alphabet uses some letters that are not found in English alphabet (namely three letters: č,š and ž - if you cannot see them they are c, s and z with some diacritical marks over them). These letters are found between 'c' and 'd', 's' and 't', and 'z' and 'x' respectively in Slovenian alphabet. When using CaseInsensitiveString sort type these letters are not sorted properly. That is, they can be found at the bottom (last) of column when sorted ascending when they should be somewhere in between. How do I write my custom sort function e.g. SiAlphCaseInsensitiveString.js? It's only these three characters that are problematic, all other sorting is OK. This question is probably equivalent to asking how does one override sorting, so that 'b' comes before 'a', 'y' comes before 'x'... and everything else stays the same.


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