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 Need help..., dazed and confused, July 5, 2005

Subject: Need help... From: dazed and confused Date: July 5, 2005


im trieing to create a program (that runs in mshta.exe :: ie6) to monitor processes on my computer and what other people are doing on it while im away....

this program is saved in the startup folder, doesnt show up in the task bar, and uses moveTo(-99999, -99999) to hide it

i have 4 questions:::

- i need to get the coordinates of the mouse
- i need to record keystrokes (event when the window doesnt have focus)
- i also want to run a loop to get pixels on the screen every so often
- and i want to periodically check what programs are running and when the were opened/closed (like in the ctrl+alt+del task manager)

any help would be greatly appreciated
>> thanks


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