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 IE sp2 PNGhack Apache 2.40: no go, but why?, arjen meijer, June 29, 2005
     Re:IE sp2 PNGhack Apache 2.40: no go, but why?, Erik Arvidsson, July 3, 2005

Subject: Re:IE sp2 PNGhack Apache 2.40: no go, but why? From: Erik Arvidsson Date: July 3, 2005
Make sure apache has set up the correct content type for htc files.


I do have have a rather strange problem:

I use PNGhack to display PNG images with transparantcy. It works correct on all machines, except on browsers using Internet Explorer with Service Pack 2 installed.

We can identify the problem coming from a Apache/2.0.40 (Red Hat Linux) configuration. On one other apache 1.x server, the hack performs correct.

What could be the cause of the problem: Apache, IE of Pnghack? I do not have a clue where to look for!

See the error in action on http://www.molca.com/kaarsenkleuren.html. The page displays fine on a I.E. browser 6 on SP1, but not with 6 with SP2. (Yes, firefox works fine, but that is not the solution!)


See http://www.mongus.net/pngInfo/ for more information.



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