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 XTREE, XLOADTREE, Stefan Riedel-Seifert, July 10, 2003
     Re:XTREE, XLOADTREE, testisji, July 15, 2003

Subject: Re:XTREE, XLOADTREE From: testisji Date: July 15, 2003

From: Stefan Riedel-Seifert
Sent: July 10, 2003


my problem is, to realize a tree with about approx. 4000 Nodes and with the property to have a checkbox before each node, with the behavior, to take with all supernodes and/or subnodes (like the installer options for window programs). To be able to handle such a an amount of nodes, the tree must be able to load incrementally needed subnodes like the xloadtree. I have found  such a tree implementation on www.blueshoes.org (they have a nice datepicker), but the tree is not able to handle 4000 nodes and it is not possible to catch the close/open event of the leafs. Has someone any suggestions?


Regards, Stefan


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