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 pngbehaviour in an iframe, arjen meijer, May 24, 2005
     Re:pngbehaviour in an iframe, Erik Arvidsson, June 2, 2005
         Re:pngbehaviour in an iframe, arjen meijer, June 27, 2005

Subject: Re:pngbehaviour in an iframe From: arjen meijer Date: June 27, 2005
Make sure that the PNG behavior is available inside the iframe. Did you add the CSS rule? Are you sure that the path to the htc file is correct?



thanks for your reply. The real problem is that pnghack needs an absolute path. e.g. /pnghack and not a relative path. That is, I could not get a relative path working.
An Iframe does not have anything to do with PNGHack.



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