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 HELP - Tree navigation from database, Aleksandar Radenovic,BSN, July 9, 2003

Subject: HELP - Tree navigation from database From: Aleksandar Radenovic,BSN Date: July 9, 2003
My name is Alexander and I am Nursing Informatics Specialist from Croatia. I sow your cjgMenu and decide to ask you one big question with little help request. 
I work on one project for Clasification of Nursing Practice in my country. I would like to ask you one question.
Is that possible to make tree menu with options when clicking on some level or sublevel of menu that it's on right frame showing data from one database with all clasification data (code, title, summary).
I need that because ICNP is new project with purpose to classify all nursing interventions with codes, for example respiration is A.1.1. and sub level term breathing is A.1.1.1. and Hypoventilation is sublevel term/condition with code A. and same level term Hyperventilation is code A.
In tree menu:
+ Respiration A.1.1.                        -  1st level
   + Breathing A.1.1.1.                     - 2nd level
      - Hypoventilation  A.     - 3rd level
      - Hyperventilation A.     - 3rd level 
I hope that you understand that clasification and pourpuse of tree menu inside this my project.
This my page will be use just in Education Pourpuse no in commercial.
I must make database and one web pahge where on left will be tree menu and on right frame will be one form which will showing data from database which I fill with data.
Please, If you cn help me, I can't pay you but can write on my project you helping and name.
I hope that you will can help me...
Best Regards,
Aleksandar Radenovic, RN, BSN
Nursing Informatics Specialist
president of
Nursing Informatics Section
URL: www.ni.com.hr (in development)
School of Health Studies
Nursing Department


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