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 Help me please! .htc problem, Vadim, June 8, 2005

Subject: Help me please! .htc problem From: Vadim Date: June 8, 2005


I have a simple page and a sample .htc control

<input type="text" style="behavior: url(www.htc)">


<public:component lightweight="true">
<public:attach event="onkeydown" onevent="maskKeyPress()"/>

function maskKeyPress()
  var iKeyCode, strKey;
  iKeyCode = window.event.keyCode;
  strKey = String.fromCharCode(iKeyCode);
  window.status = strKey;


When i type anything in text box in Englesh - everything OK (except  left numpad on the keyboard- instead numbers it appears to show characters)

But when I change my keyboard layout to my national layout (russian) - it allways show only big latin characters. Why?

Help me please!!!


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