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 WebFx Columnlist Grid - sizes in percent?, B.M. Babu, June 3, 2005

Subject: WebFx Columnlist Grid - sizes in percent? From: B.M. Babu Date: June 3, 2005

I tried to put the dynamic data in WebFx DHTMl Javascript Grid.  The WebFx grid is worked with

fixed sizes in pixels?(Width = 600px, Height = 300px  like).  It is working fine.  If i fix the sizes in

percent(Width = 100%, Height = 100%) the grid has not aligned properly based on the window

resize.  It is possible to fix the sizes in percent.  How to i achieve this in WebFx Columnlist Grid.

can you help me?

we get the grid from the below URL:


b.m. babu.


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