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 SMOTHLY RESIZE Frames !!, Ruby, May 30, 2005

Subject: SMOTHLY RESIZE Frames !! From: Ruby Date: May 30, 2005

Hello !

i'm making a web page were have 4 colapsive frames

one up that is a page menu
other down that its a baner
Other at right - that is a overal all site menu ..
And one that always show the content !

I have been able to implement your tecnique with several frames ...

But i need that the right frame to smothly open and close .. at user need
With a slider control .. if its possible ..


ok i know that this is possible just ading several small images with mouse over javacript frame control ...

- But please to implement al this a litle beter can the owner of this site plz implementa a slider control to this technique ..

- And also plz release as promisse the code that makes the resize of a frame smothly !!

Well have fun with dhtmling ..

Anyway if ya know how to do this PLZ mail me at my mail ..


Ruben Ismael.



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