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 WebFX menu4 Ctrl+ letter shortcuts, Travis Brazill, July 2, 2003
     Re:WebFX menu4 Ctrl+ letter shortcuts, Erik Arvidsson, July 4, 2003

Subject: WebFX menu4 Ctrl+ letter shortcuts From: Travis Brazill Date: July 2, 2003

First of all I must say that the WebFX menus are dang stinkin cool :)
A suggestion - or possibly something I am doing incorrectly?

I noticed that you have Ctrl+letter shortcuts for the menus.  That's cool, but they only work when you've selected a menu and it pops up.  Don't you already have that functionality with the single letter shortcuts which underlines the letter shortcut in the menu item name?  It would be nice if once you've clicked 'Esc' or activated the menu system that all Ctrl+letter shortcuts would be available from all menus.  This would allow you to use Ctrl+letter the way it was meant to be used - as a means of bypassing menus altogether.



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