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 XLoadTree - displaying accented characters, Tim, July 2, 2003
     Re:XLoadTree - displaying accented characters, Erik Arvidsson, July 2, 2003
     Re:XLoadTree - displaying accented characters, Guilherme Blanco, July 2, 2003

Subject: Re:XLoadTree - displaying accented characters From: Erik Arvidsson Date: July 2, 2003
WFM. I've been able to use ISO-8859-1 to display characters not available in UTF-8. Does the characters render correctly when viewing the XML file as it is in both IE and Moz? You need to ensure that both the encoding in the XML header and the encoding of the file are correct (and that the server sends the correct headers for the file).



I'm trying to get the XLoadTree to render a tree item that has the following special character in it and cant get it to work. Basically any character above ascii 127.
From what I can tell, it has to do with the xmlhttp object and the fact that it assumes utf-8 encoding. According to MS, it supposedly can read any encoding, but as far as the XLoadTree goes, it decides not to render correctly. The above character doesn't render in utf-8, only in ISO-8859-1 which is what I need to create the xml stream in as that's what character set it is stored as in my database. The xml stream at the moment is being dynamically generated from a php script and it forcing the output to UTF-8 just to keep the XLoadTree happy.
Is there a fix or workaround for this? Any help is much appreciated.


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