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 TabPane -- 'this.tab' is null or not an object, PK, May 26, 2005
     Re:TabPane -- 'this.tab' is null or not an object, Erik Arvidsson, June 2, 2005

Subject: TabPane -- 'this.tab' is null or not an object From: PK Date: May 26, 2005

I am getting an error: 'this.tab' is null or not an object when I make a call:

var pane = new WebFXTabPane($('tab-pane_blah'));

under special circumstances:

I have a regular tab pane that is loaded using AJAX from a remote page. Javascript isn't getting evaluated, although there are ways around that. As a result, after the XMLHttp call, I setupAllTabs(); -- which works wonderfully. However, one tab and tab-page are .style.display = "none" so that they can be hidden -- I cannot use something the hide method since there is no tab-pane object. When data from one of the forms is submitted, returned text is javascript evaluated. It is responsible for focusing / displaying the "hidden" tab page. However, when I try var pane = new WebFXTabPane($('tab-pane_blah')); I get the adove-mentioned error. $(..) simply returns the element object -- and works fine.




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