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 pngbehaviour in an iframe, arjen meijer, May 24, 2005
     Re:pngbehaviour in an iframe, Erik Arvidsson, June 2, 2005
         Re:pngbehaviour in an iframe, arjen meijer, June 27, 2005

Subject: pngbehaviour in an iframe From: arjen meijer Date: May 24, 2005
Is pngbehaviour working in an Iframe?

I am not able to get pngbehaviour working in an iframe, but the same page without inserting the page in an iframe works correct.

I am checking if the page is loaded without a parent. If the parent is missing I am loading the page again with http://www.xxx.nl?url sequence which is processed by a javascript that inserts the page in a Iframe:

document.getElementById('iframename').src = url;
document.getElementById(id).innerHTML = window.frames.tk.document.getElementById('theBody').innerHTML

Any special tricks required?



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