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 Slider Incrementing, Michael Smith, May 23, 2005
     Re:Slider Incrementing, Erik Arvidsson, June 2, 2005

Subject: Slider Incrementing From: Michael Smith Date: May 23, 2005

I have searched back through much article-age, but have not found the answer.  I have seen some questions very similar to mine, but no answer-age.  So, here it goes...

I am attempting to have the slider move in increments of 30.  I can easily figure out how to do it for PgUp, PgDn, Up, Dn and clicks on the bar, BUT I was wondering if there is way to change the incrementing when I grab the handle and slide it back and forth.

I would assume that the calculations to "increment" the value are to be found in the onmousemove function, but have yet to find where it increments only by onesies.

I am doing this to have a time slider move in 30 minute increments.  Any help would be magnificent!!!


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