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 vertical-align in mozilla, Etan, July 2, 2003
     Re:vertical-align in mozilla, Erik Arvidsson, July 2, 2003

Subject: vertical-align in mozilla From: Etan Date: July 2, 2003

i would just like to say you have make a great selection of controls.  however, in your coolbuttons2 something looks off in mozilla (at least with version 1.3)

it seems as though when you put an image off to the right in a coolbutton, the image is not actually centered verticaly, IE seems to be rendering this correctly.  (take a look via screen shot, the top of the image in mozilla will be aligned with the top of the text, not so in IE.  you can also play a selection trick where you select the text and the image and see where each really lies)

is this a mozilla bug or IE bug, and are there any workarounds to get the image to show up centered vertially in mozilla??



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