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 Re:overflow and scrollbars on ie5, jelmer, July 1, 2003

Subject: Re:overflow and scrollbars on ie5 From: jelmer Date: July 1, 2003

        if (channellistoutput.scrollHeight > channellistoutput.clientHeight) {
            channellistoutput.style.overflow = 'auto';
        } else {
            channellistoutput.style.overflow = 'hidden';

it works like a charm, still a bit hackish but not nearly as bad as i thought it might be, thanks a lot!

From: Erik Arvidsson
Sent: July 1, 2003
Subject: Re:overflow and scrollbars on ie5

You can use scripting to change between overflow: hidden and overflow auto as needed. The properties to compare are the clientHeight and scrollHeight (and same for width).



hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to get a div with overflow set to auto to not reserve space for the scrollbar in internet explorer 5, in internet explorer 6 it doesnt show the scrollbar untill it is needed and doesnt reserve any space for it
I wouldnt really mind having the vertical scrollbar visible all the time but unfortunatly setting overflow to scroll will show both horizontal and vertical scrollbars
overflow-y will work but not for relative sizes of the div, the div will just grow larger and wont scroll, again this does work in internet explorer 6

basicly i am at a loss


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