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 Sortable Table error in IE 6.02 when hiding column with style="display:none;", mike, May 18, 2005

Subject: Sortable Table error in IE 6.02 when hiding column with style="display:none;" From: mike Date: May 18, 2005

I saw a previous post on this issue in March of 2003. I am using the latest version of SortableTable.

I have a table that contains a checkbox for the first column (your example code works great and preserves the checkbox values). Followed by 1 sortable CaseInsensitiveString, 2 "NONE" columns and 3 columns that I prepend some hidden characters to make the CaseInsensitiveString sort work correctly.

I can sort columns in Firefox and Netscape using the following code snippet, however it fails in IE. I also implemented a neat hack to be able to sort Currency columns in 27 locales. Of course this fails in IE as well.

<td><div id="sortColumn" style="display:none;">A101</div>10 Volt</td>

The previous post:



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