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 Prototype Object Properties, Lister Storm, May 9, 2005
     Re:Prototype Object Properties, TY Kuo, May 13, 2005
         Re:Prototype Object Properties, Erik Arvidsson, May 22, 2005

Subject: Prototype Object Properties From: Lister Storm Date: May 9, 2005

Hi, I am new to protoype programming in Javascript and I need a little help if you would.  I have the following code, but I am having a little difficultly adding the items in my FOR loop to my objects LIST object (see code below).

function MySelectList(id) {

MySelectList.prototype.init = function(root) {
  this.root = root;
  this.list = new Array();
  this.elements = root.getElementsByTagName("li");
  for (var i=0; i < this.elements.length; i++) {
    this.elements[i].onclick = function() {
      this.className = 'hilight';
      this.list[this.list.length] = this;

I can understand that once I'm into the ONCLICK event that this is no longer the MySelectList object, and hence the line this.list[this.list.length] = this; makes no sence as the LI element doesn't have a this.list object defined.  So my question, is how can I add the current LI element found to the list defined in the lines above?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks Lister


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