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 Window showModaldialog HELP, Logan, January 26, 2004
     Re:Window showModaldialog HELP, Gianna, January 27, 2004
         Re:Window showModaldialog HELP, Logan, January 27, 2004
             Re:Window showModaldialog HELP, Kiwi, January 27, 2004
                 Re:Window showModaldialog HELP, Erik Arvidsson, February 1, 2004
                     Re:Window showModaldialog HELP, Mattes, March 7, 2004

Subject: Re:Window showModaldialog HELP From: Erik Arvidsson Date: February 1, 2004
Kiwi is right here. You can get around this by passing a reference type as the argument to the dialog. Something like this

window.showModalDialog( "code to generate page that uses dialogArguments", window,'dialogHeight:400px;dialogWidth:600px;edge:Raised;center:Yes;help:No;resizable:Yes;status:No')

Since window is a reference to the page opening the dialog you can get the text you want using dialogArguments.varibleName where variableName contains the information you need.

However, this will soon become a maintainance nightmare and I do relly recommend that you use a static html page that you change depending on the dialogArguments.



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