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 SortTable, Get Row Cells Value in Array, Vincent, March 21, 2005
     Next, Vincent, March 21, 2005
         Re:Next, Vincent, March 31, 2005

Subject: Next From: Vincent Date: March 21, 2005
I search how get a total of cell's value in row, when i clic on a row...

On click on a row, i search get in a array the value of the cells of this row.

Example (more understood)
My Row:
toto | tutu | tata | titi
and On Click under the Row, call the function with the id of Row and return an array :
Array('toto', 'tutu', 'tata', 'titi')

I studie the code, and it's impossible for me to adapt a good function. If you have THE function, it's terrible, but if an alternate function exist, it's terrible to !

One person, can help me ? on person understand me ?


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