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 JavaScript Debuger,, Jorgen J, March 4, 2005
     Re:JavaScript Debuger,, Jair Duran, April 8, 2005
     Re:JavaScript Debuger,, Daniel, March 6, 2005
         Re:JavaScript Debuger, , Idris, March 18, 2005
         Re:JavaScript Debuger,, satch, March 8, 2005

Subject: Re:JavaScript Debuger, From: Idris Date: March 18, 2005

I second that. The Firefox Javascript Console is GREAT! IE always gives you "object expected", but Firefox will actually show you what the error is and what line it is on. Use Firefox, not IE when developing!


From: Daniel
Sent: March 5, 2005
Subject: Re:JavaScript Debuger,

Theres a Mozilla Firefox extensions that do the job!
Stop using IE fools!


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