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 Png Behavior width/height, PolyVector, March 18, 2005
     Re:Png Behavior width/height, PolyVector, March 23, 2005
         Re:Png Behavior width/height, bkim, April 14, 2005

Subject: Png Behavior width/height From: PolyVector Date: March 18, 2005
I downloaded the ie5.5+ png htc the other day and had problems with images that didn't have width/height specified... I noticed that this is an issue with many png fixes for internet explorer. I'm in no ways an expert at htc/javascript coding, but I came up with a solution... I have a modified version up on my site that doesn't require the width/height to be specified if anybody is interested:


Any suggestions for improvements on the fix are welcome (as I'm new to htc coding)

The forum is located at:


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