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 How to add onmouseover event, ryazuddin, March 15, 2005

Subject: How to add onmouseover event From: ryazuddin Date: March 15, 2005

Hi ,

   please help me, how to add on mouse over event in Xtree,as it is needed that i will have to put the tooltip text on that selected node so U just tell me where i will put that onmouse over event so that i can place the tooltiptext

With Regards & Thanks

Software Engineer
Real Soft (Intl) Pvt. Ltd.
Bangalore-560 037 (Karnataka)
Ph :  080- 2523 4448 / 49 / 50   (Extn : 314)
Email :-  ryazuddin@realsoftinc.com
Website:- www.realsoftinc.com


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