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 TabPane Bug, Helmet, January 10, 2005
     Re:TabPane Bug, Paul, February 28, 2005

Subject: Re:TabPane Bug From: Paul Date: February 28, 2005

This happens to me only when I don't use unique names/IDs for the tabsets I use on different pages.  By default the tab selected is the same one that was selected last time you saw the tabset. 

So for example say you use the same ID for more than one tabset, and one has 4 tabs but the other only 2.  When you view the 3rd pane of the larger tabset and then go to the other page to view the smaller tabset of the same name, it will try to load the 3rd pane and since it won't find any content it displays only the tab headers.

So the short answer is, use distinct IDs for all your tabsets across your site.

From: Helmet
Sent: January 10, 2005
Subject: Re:TabPane Bug

I don't know if this is a common problem, but it seems that the TabPane Control sometimes seems to just show the tab-header (and hiding everything else :() in both mozilla firfox 1.0 and internet explorer 6.0

Hope anyone knows about this problem,
yours sincerely,
Helmet, The Netherlands


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