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 Tab Pane, Cathelest, January 24, 2005

Subject: Tab Pane From: Cathelest Date: January 24, 2005

Im quite fascinated at the use of Tab Pane, however i have 1 small feature that i beleive it lacks, or i dont know about, is there a way we can set forus on tab,


I use PHP to generate page content, and i have a 3 tab pane applet,

Edit (shows up when editing a entity) View ( shows constantly) and Add


Now when a user is looking at the view pane, and clicks the edit link on it, which as im using PHP is in the same page file, the focus remains on the view pane, rather then the edit pane, is there a way i can simply put a tag into the edit panes nest or a URL var??


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