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 Images uploading, demetri, April 6, 2001
     Re:Images uploading, Erik Arvidsson, April 7, 2001
         Re:Images uploading, MoMad, April 8, 2001
             Re:Images uploading, Erik Arvidsson, April 9, 2001
                 Re:Images uploading, vNAT, April 15, 2001

Subject: Re:Images uploading From: vNAT Date: April 15, 2001

We have this problem too.. the command "insertimage" can't upload the image to

server, we can use the PHP code do that. But ,the problem is how to get the value

of the current selection in the frame.(i mean How to get the content of the highlight area)

if I can get the value .. use PHP code can very easy make up a ftp function,or

a command just like " execcommand(insertimage) "

I think there's a command or something can get the returns value of selection,

but I don't konw what it is.


From: Erik Arvidsson
Sent: April 10, 2001
Subject: Re:Images uploading

How would we do it without code?


From: MoMad
Sent: April 8, 2001
Subject: Re:Images uploading

how about using code to do that.,.. eg, asp or cgi code using javascript and form_upload?


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